The Executive Nursing Director is responsible for the nursing services at Soltun as defined by law. In his capacity, a nursing manager is responsible for nursing on each floor. Nursing managers ensure that each resident has been allocated his/her nurse and nurse assistant as his/her main caretaker. Furthermore, each nursing manager appoints their substitutes. Job objectives of all nursing jobs as well as educational requirement and tasks are outlined in job descriptions.

Each resident (patient) has his/her own nurse (RN) and nurse assistant. Emphasis is placed on communication and constructive adaptation to a new home. Four to eight apartment households will make privacy easier and reduce the number of staff required for each resident. The resident and his/her caretakers play the key role in communicating with relatives and his/her doctor.

A nurse prepares a nursing program in consultation with the resident and his/her relatives, and ensures that his nursing and activity requirements are fulfilled. The resident’s independence shall always prevail, as well as his/her individual view and wishes, as well as his/her ability to create his/her own condition. Thus a common understanding is developed between the resident and the caretakers, which will be reflected in the resident´s nursing record, kept by the resident in his/her apartment.

Social Nursing
Each apartment household (of four to eight apartment) offers organized entertainment, community and steady attention by caretakers. The entertainment is based on the ability and requirement of each resident, as well as on the assistance of employees and relatives. An entertainment in each assisted group living center includes:
- Participation in the daily duties of the nursing homes, such as cooking, laying a dining table, baking, preparation of butcher’s meat, jamming, laundry finish, etc.
- Monitoring the society through newspaper, radio and TV,
- Refreshing memorable events such as birthday parties, the first job, travelling abroad, volcanic eruption, etc.
- Flowering and gardening, e.g. flower drying, floral decoration, flower watering and keeping, etc.
- Art and craft of various kinds, such as seasonal decoration for apartments and unit centres, e.g. Easter and Christmas.
- Relaxing and group physical exercise is furthermore available in the centre.

The staff in the field of nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy cooperates and assist with the above in order for maximum result.

Nursing for residents with memory deficit
Nursing for residents with memory deficit is tailored to their need. Thus, emphasis will be placed on personal, friendly and safe environment in each household with directions to freshen the resident on people, place and hour. The resident´s participation in daily duties is in accordance with his/her intellectual ability and competency, yet respecting his reality. Emphasis is furthermore placed on employees knowing the patient for what he/she has stood for during his lifetime, and treating him/her with respect. The right for self-destiny is instrumental to self-respect, which is an important factor in nursing of the residents despite his/her disability.

The resident will be cared for on his/her pretendence, and his/her strengths and needs will be elevated. Forcing the resident to any action is forbidden, and the use of security equipment is only allowed in order to contribute to his/her own self-care ability. Medicine treatment will be monitored to emphasize balance in health and the well-being of the resident and to avoid bluntness. The resident should get an avenue for his desire for activity and movement by participating in daily duties, outdoor leisure and rehabilitation. Participation of relatives in the care and daily life of the residents will be supported in support groups led by nurses and deacons.

One household of the four, tailored to the need of those with memory deficit, will be dedicated to those with memory deficit linked to psychopathic disorder or affected by frontal brain damage as a result of diseases or multi-injuries, which sometimes lead to action disorder and behaviour creating mood disturbance as well as disturbance to others and perceived violence. Specialized nursing in this household is therefore emphasized and necessary knowledge developed on individual action program aiming at increased well-being of the resident and minimized negative side of the behaviour on the environment.

Nursing for residents with limited ability for daily activities and communication
Nursing for residents with impaired ability for daily activities or even communication as a result of diseases is tailored to their needs. Emphasis is placed on personal, friendly and safe environment equipped to support their self-care. All daily activities are aimed at amble accessibility despite being bound to a wheel chair, i.e. to access objects from a sitting or lying position. The patient’s right for self-destiny is a key factor in self-respect, and the nursing is therefore aimed at maintaining the resident´s ability to decide his own destiny in spite of impaired communication ability. Specialized nursing is therefore emphasized in this unit, in which durable knowledge is accumulated to ensure nursing for paralysed and disabled residents.

Preference is given to the use of various equipment, which support enhanced self-care and communication ability, such as computers, electronic beds, ceiling-attached lift from bed to WC, washbasin and shower, height-adjustable kitchen table, furniture adapted to those in wheel-chairs, etc. Electronic tecnic is in place to make a turn of a paralysed individual in bed easier. A sling-lift and quick step stand up lift makes the resident easier to move from bed to chair and reverse, or from a wheelchair to a sofa or an ordinary chair. The multi purpose tilt table provides a paralysed individual to stand upright regularly. Emphasis is placed on the resident´s possibility to get an avenue for his desire for activity and movement by participating in daily duties, outdoor leisure and rehabilitation.

Medical service
Soltun Nursing Home will offer a medical service by a geriatrician. The head physician is responsible for the professional medical service of Soltun in accordance with law. A geriatrician visits the nursing home regularly and attends the residents as required at their consultation and their nurses by an agreement. A geriatrician will always be accessible on a 24 hours basis for consultation and reaction to acute illness.

Dental services
A facility for a small-scale dental service is located on the 1st floor.

The physiotherapy objective is to maintain and improve physical ability of the residents to self-care and to ease the care. Individual treatment and physical training will be provided for. Group physical exercise is scheduled on a weekly basis in the household centres as well as outdoor and indoor walking. Visits to the nearby swimming pool and hot-tubs will be organized from time to time, with emphasis on aqua training and relax.

A physiotherapist instructs colleagues and apprentices on body positions and working protection issues for safety and health at the work purposes and the equipment room is open to employees at predetermined hours for work out and guidance. Physiotherapy staff arranges for procurement of staff equipment, such as wheelchairs and accessories, walking supporters,.

Occupational therapy
The occupational therapy objective is to maintain and improve physical, social, and intellectual ability of the resident with targeted involvement. Emphasis is placed on enhancing their own self-care and creating opportunities to handle subjects and activities of interest that improve their happiness and fulfilment. Occupational therapy is offered on an individual basis, ensuring a harmony between the resident, the occupation, and the environment. Individual treatment and group leisure is offered in the occupational therapy room, where residents can attend to handicraft, light workmanship, card playing and art painting. Occupational therapy is also carried out in the household centres according to the circumstances, and outdoor trips are also organized.

Spiritual care and support team
A deacon will attend to individualistic spiritual care for Soltun’s residents. His duty is first and foremost to support the residents, their relatives, and the employees. The support team of Soltun will be established and consist of a deacon, a nurse and the geriatrician of the nursing home. The support team will be specialized in supporting residents and employees in emotional and spiritual difficulties. The nearby parish minister will provide clerical service, and an attempt will be made to provide for regular services in the entertainment hall, in which an altar will be located.

Kitchen and food services

Soltun nursing home has a combination of host kitchen and production kitchen. The host kitchen produces breakfast, afternoon tee/coffee, dinner and evening refreshments for the household. Lunch is bought from another authorized productions kitchen. From February 1st. 2009 Hollt í hádegi (a cook and chill production kitchen) has been contracted to supply lunch. The host kitchen provides food for the staff and for various events for both the residents and their relatives as well as special events.Our targets is

- to provide variety of healty, nourishing meals which takes into account the advices from The Public Health Institute of Iceland as well as the individual resident´s nutritional needs. *

- to provide meals that are tastfully served and in right temperature in accordance with established requirements

- to provide the staff with healty meals for reasonable price

- to provide best services available

- to have a kitchen staff that are educated and conscious of their duties

- to have a convenient kitchen opening time for excellent household service.