The SOLTUN’s Ideology and Objectives.

From the outset, it was decided that Soltun would set a new standard as a nursing home in the field of accommodation arrangement and care. The nursing home is equipped with latest technology and modern equipment, including most sophisticated beds, and a new most efficient monitoring software system, for the benefit of the staff as well as the residents.

The Soltun nursing home is the first of its kind in Iceland to offer only single household accommodation. Every resident is furnished with a 30 square meter studio apartment with a roomy WC.

The basis of Soltun’s ideology is to provide care for the individual, by which independence is highly respected. The “home” atmosphere and privacy of each resident is prevailing, while enjoying 24 hours nursing and the safety of living with others. The daily duties are the theme of each unit centre with emphasis on the residents’ and their relatives’ participation according to individual abilities, requirements and wishes.

The objective of the nursing home is to provide nursing and other services in a professional and responsible manner. Therefore, the health valuation has to be holistic and the nursing plan recorded and regularly evaluated with the purpose of maintaining and increasing the resident’s selfcare and ability to adapt to new circumstances. The residents’ safety and well-being is prevailing, in addition to maintaining his/her self-image and self respect in spite of deteriorating health and ability. Nursing is based on the best available nursing science, accumulation of experience, and the framework set by internal and external circumstances for the nursing home.

The nursing home SOLTUN is continuously striving to be in the front run among nursing homes, by providing the best available service at each given time and to be an attractive working place of qualified staff in every respect. All factors concerning building design and selection of furniture and equipment have been carried out in this fashion. The operation, building and accommodation will be under continuous review in which the flow of ideas and development of knowledge will result in a stimulating environment for a first class quality of life.