The SOLTUN Facilities.
The SOLTUN Nursing Home accommodates 92 apartments, located in 12 assisted group-living arrangements - on 3 floors. In order to meet individual needs of elderly, who need long term nursing care and medical service, the nursing facilities are split in eleven groups of 8 elderly individuals living together and one group of 4 elderly individuals living together. Individuals with similar requirements are brought together to allow for better utilization of joint needs and facilities within the household

Apartments in different household.
On the ground floor, 28 apartments are located in three household; one of 4 apartments and another of 8 apartments, both for general purpose.

On the 1st floor are 32 apartments in four household. Four households are intended for elderly with memory deficit.

On the 2nd floor, 32 apartments are located in four household with general purpose.

All the apartments are designed for individual need and good nursing environment. Each apartment is fitted with fully equipped bathroom, including WC, washbasin and shower. The bathrooms are designed so that two nurses can assist a resident if needed. In 12 apartments for elderly with impaired self care ability for daily living; the apartment is fitted with a ceiling-based lift, which can carry the resident from his/her bed to the WC, washbasin and shower. Each bathroom is fitted with a height adjustable washbasin. Each apartment is equipped with a locked medicine cabin, a cabin for valuables, a box for medical records, and a security button. A post box is placed in front of every apartment to demonstrate each one’s right for a privacy.

Center of each household
Each unit has a “household centre”, with a living room, a dining room and a cooking facility in which residents can actively participate in baking and food preparation. Kitchen interior is fitted with height-adjustable table, and cooking equipment has safety lock if needed. Each centre is furthermore fitted with a facility for treatment and entertainment, and the nursing home itself has also a common large treatment and entertainment room.

A nursing station is for every two units, located in the middle of each two households with a view to both of them. A computer-linked working table is in the living room of every centre for the use of residents or employees at need.

Joint Facilities for Residents.
An entertainment hall offers the residents, assisted with their care-takers and their relatives, the possibility to have parties, attend group work related to common field of interest, organize various events, such as dancing, theatre work, musical events, art exhibitions, bingo’s, meeting and seminars. The hall will be equipped with an altar for services. Residents can furthermore have afternoon coffee arranged in the entertainment hall, which can also be used as a cafeteria for residents and their relatives, and employees.

A nursing bathroom is located on each floor fitted with a lift-equipped bathtub with whirlpool system. A washing machine and a dryer are located on each floor.

Outdoor facilities.
In the garden, accessible from the ground floor, is a jacuzzi and a glasshouse. A safe roof top garden is furthermore accessible from the 1st floor, and each living room has an access to a balcony. A staircase goes from each unit on the 1st and 2nd floors to fenced gardens.

The gardens and the roof top garden will be sheltered to allow for maximum seasonal effects. Residents will be given an opportunity to attend to some gardening, i.e. install flowerbeds, and grow green salads and berries.

Training Facilities
Physiotherapy is located on the ground floor, with fully equipped fitness room and booths for private treatment. The outdoor garden can be entered from the fitness room, providing for walking to the nearby pavilion, or to relax in a hot jacuzzi, which can also be used for physical aqua exercise. The dressing room and bathroom are connection with the fitness room.

Occupational therapy is also located on the ground floor behind the entertainment hall. The therapy provides for various home art and craft, netting, leather art, painting, etc.

Medical facility.
Medical facility is located on the 1st floor, e.g. for gynaecologic examinations. The doctor (a geriatrician) will see the patients in their apartments, unless they prefer seeing the doctor in the medical facility. A facility for a small-scale dental service is also in 1st floor.

Hair and foot facility.
Hair and beauty saloon is also located on the 1st floor, providing also foot therapy as well as all kind of beauty treatment.

Smoking facility
Smoking facility for residents is located on the 2nd floor.

Night lodging for relatives.
Night lodging is available short term for relatives if required. Thus a distant relative, e.g. from the countryside or from abroad, can stay overnight for a short period, and this also provides a rest to those who watch over the resident in the end stage of life.

Banking and shopping.
Banking will be available at Soltun at predetermined hours. Candies will be sold in the cafeteria, and the hair saloon will offer perfumery, cosmetics, giftware and personal necessities. An attempt will be made to get the shops to set up regular fashion shows in Soltun.